Why MMS?

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Why Us? MMS Picks.com The Other Guys

All sports and leagues are included at no additional charge. Including NHL.  

 Individual subscriptions for each sport/league and no NHL.

Absolutely no upselling. All members get the same top quality selections.  

There is always a “VIP” package that you have to pay more for.
Locks, Games of the Year, etc.  

No “locks,” and no senseless marketing. Just consistent winners.  

Frequent use of “locks” and other marketing gimmicks.

10,000 simulations for every game run through our MMS algorithms  

Honestly? I think they just guess!

High long term returns across 6 different sports.  

Consistent long term losing performances although they’ll never admit it.
Overs/Unders (Totals)  

Our algorithms work great with Over/Unders. We love Totals.  

Totals? What are totals?
Your Privacy  

We never, ever, sell, rent or share your data. In fact, we will never call you unless you ask us to. We don’t ever ask for your phone number.  

Your information is sold, rented, or shared many times. Hence the never ending annoying calls & e-mails.
Partnership/Revenue Sources  

We do not partner with any other services or sportsbooks. 100% of this sites revenue comes from our winning picks. We make our money by winning. Not advertising.  

Most services partner with online sportsbooks to receive a portion of player losses. They literally want you to lose!
Money Management  

Sound money management designed for long-term positive returns.  No star ratings. No big plays. No nonsense. We grind it out.    

No money management. High unit plays to attempt to make up for previous losses.
Las Vegas!  

We’re based in Las Vegas, NV. The sports betting capital of the world.  

Would you really trust a “pro” sports bettor based anywhere else?
Business Reputation  

Registered Nevada corporation.  

Here today, gone tomorrow. Absolutely no legitimacy.
Payment Options  

All major credit cards accepted through PayPal. Our plans are pay as you go. No auto renewals. We know you’ll keep coming back to renew based on our results.  

Front loaded so they get paid before your realize they’re no good.
Transparency of Record  

100% Transparent. All picks are displayed on our records pages, win or lose.  

They’ll scream about their wins but their losses tend not to get remembered. If they do offer a picks archive losses seem to disappear.

Our website looks like it does because we’re not web designers. We’re SPORTS BETTORS!  

Their websites look awesome to cover up the fact that their picks kinda suck.