What is a Unit?

What is a Unit?
1 Unit is the amount of your individual bet size. It is a percentage of your betting bankroll that you allocate to each individual bet.
We do not want to know what your unit size is…whether it’s $100, $1,000, $500 or $25…it’s your own personal business and it’s up to you to manage your own bankroll responsibly.


Here are some examples of how we use units for the Master Matrix Sports Archives
Most bets are Regular -110 Vig bets. Lay 1.10 Units to win 1.00 Unit (ie bet $110 to win $100)
Plus Money bet: Money Line +125: Lay 1.00 Unit to win 1.25 Units (ie bet $100 to win $125)
Negative Money bet: Money Line -120: Lay 1.20 Units to win 1.00 Units (ie bet $120 to win $100)
So for Vig bets you are laying 1 unit plus the Vig. For Plus Money bets you are only laying 1 Unit