Master Matrix Sports posts all of our picks publicly so anyone can see them & see that we are a legitimate service.  Transparency & Legitimacy are very important to us.  We do not hide from our records & post every pick publicly win or lose.

Master Matrix Sports does transparency posting to separate us from the endless supply of illegitimate pick services out there which we refer to as Scamdicappers.  Other services do not publicly post their picks because consistently beating a sportsbook is actually VERY hard to do.  Scamdicappers either 1) do not record their losses, 2) just show their winning info, or 3) delete losses from their archives to inflate their performance.

We actually do have losing days.  Any service that does not have losing days is lying.  If you expect to win each & every day you are going to be disappointed.

Transparency posts are made publicly for all to see at

Transparency posting is done at the following times:
NFL: After 1st quarter is over
NCFB: After 1st quarter is over
NBA: After 1st quarter is over
NHL: After 1st period is over
NCAABK: After 1st half is over
MLB: After 3rd inning is over

Also, we do our transparency posting manually…we do not use any automated posting systems for the website.  That means we have to be watching the games to know when to put the posts up.  That by itself requires a significant daily commitment.  However, other than winning, full transparency is our most important goal.

Release Times:

All plays will be released the day of the game. Usually before 1PM EST on weekdays and 10:30AM EST on weekends.  Saturday College Football picks will be released on Friday night.  We use the Vegas consensus line at the time of release for every play on our Full Cards.   However, using Line Shopping you should be able to consistently get a better number than what we release at.  After you sign-up, we will e-mail you every day as soon as our Full Card is released. The picks will come from  It’s critical that you add to your safe sender list!.  All emails will be sent simultaneously to all clients.  Even though we’re in the Pacific Time Zone we use Eastern Time Zone start times for all of our games. The number of plays released is difficult to predict.  Some days it may be 1.  Other days it could be 20+. The highest volume days will usually be College Football Saturdays and College Basketball Saturdays & Wednesdays.  If there’s a day with no picks (MLB All-Star break in July) all plans will be extended by 1 day. It’s rare but it does happen.