Performance Guarantee

Performance Guarantee:
7 & 30 Day Plans Only Expire
if they were Overall Positive

We offer 7 Day & 30 Day plans that only expire if you are positive overall for at least 1.0 unit.  We can offer this because we know that our algorithms deliver.
We make money when you make money.  If we do not deliver winning picks then we do not get renewals.
This includes performance on all of our picks. 
Our performance on NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA BK & NCAA FB is significantly better than MLB & WNBA.  However, they are all included in our performance pricing.  It also includes both Sides & Totals.  Our historical performance on Totals has been much better than our performance on Sides
At Least 7 Days of Picks = $59
At Least 30 Days of Picks = $175

If you are not positive at the end of your subscription period we will continue to work for free until you are positive.
Our Performance Guarantee allows us to consistently leave people better off than how they came to us