Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is one of the most important components to being a successful sports bettor.  It is also one of the hardest things for most bettors to do.

We recommend using a 1% unit for your bets.  Anything over 1% is too aggressive.  So if you are a $100 bettor you should have a betting bankroll of $10,000.  If you are a $1,000 bettor you should have a bankroll of $100,000.  Betting 1% units would make your bankroll 100 units.  However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being conservative and using ½% units or a 200 unit bankroll.

Even the best systems are going to have negative fluctuations within them and you need to be able to withstand the downside.  Quite simply if you are making $100 bets on a $1,000 bankroll it is inevitable that you are going to go broke.

At Master Matrix Sports we do not guarantee winners.  There is really no such thing as a ‘lock’ or a ‘pick of the year’.  However, we have proven systems that have historical edges.  Our systems are designed to be bet individually as straight bets.  We make a lot of picks and will in turn suffer a lot of losses.  The systems are designed to lean on an advantage which should generate positive unit returns over time.

Your unit amounts should not be changing either.  If you go on a winning streak you should not increase your unit amounts….it’s natural human behavior to want to double down or increase your bets, but don’t do it.  We would advise to only evaluate your unit % either 1)annually or 2)before the start of an individual sport’s season.  Don’t decrease it if you go down and don’t increase it if you go up, pick a % and stick with it.  We suggest you go with 1%.

Each individual pick is not a sure thing so don’t load up & go for broke on any one of them.   If you go for broke you will most likely wind up broke.  So don’t do it!!

Anything can happen on any given day. We will have days where we will sweep the board with ease, yet we will have other days where we will struggle to win a single game. There is no preventing these extremes. It’s just the nature of sports betting. You need to be ready and prepared for the daily roller coaster ride by managing your bankroll intelligently.  Unpredictability is what makes sports betting fun and frustrating at the same time. Think like a pro, manage your money well, don’t take bad days personally, keep your long-term focus and you can do very well in sports betting.

The importance of disciplined bankroll management cannot be overstated!!