About Us

Master Matrix Sports is an algorithm-based sports pick service.  We do not have experts picking games, but rather use computer-based models.  We have created extensive databases for each sport that include not just the easily accessible game stats, but also all of the historical line info.  We have spent years assembling our databases.  We then took this mass of information and went through each data field to create systems that produce positive outcomes based on historical models.  Each of the systems we have created has been back-tested for 10 years, then forward-tested into an 11th year using independent data.  Each system we use is a proven historical winner.  We call the combination of all of our data, systems & results the Master Matrix. Hence the name: Master Matrix Sports.

We do not have any inside information.  Our success is based in hard work.  If takes a long time to create a database for any one individual sport, much less do the data mining, much less to uncover systems that actually win.  We have already done all of the work and we have done it for each of the 6 American based sports.  Our databases are massive and would take someone years to reproduce them.  They are the key to what makes our service worth subscribing to.

A successful handicapper is someone who sits in front of a computer all day and is an expert in programs like Excel.  It is extremely difficult to consistently win at sports betting.  If you are picking off of the board, or are using an ‘expert’ be prepared to lose your money.  The only way we know of to consistently win at sports betting is by using a computer-based model.  If you’ve been in any of the big Vegas sportsbooks you’ve seen how spectacular they are….the key to remember is that Vegas wasn’t built on winners.  Nevada sportsbooks as a whole have won every single month since July 2013 (as of March 2020).  If you are betting on your own you are just contributing to the casino’s bottom line.  Neither MGM or Caesars really needs to add a 2nd or 3rd floor to the sportsbooks!!!

Master Matrix Sports is a 2 man shop based in Las Vegas.  Red Lightning left a 15+ year career on the Vegas Strip & Big Red gave up a 20+ year career in wealth management on Wall Street to run Master Matrix Sports.  We have put a lot of time into this and take it very seriously.  We personally bet on each of our picks every day so we are on the same side of the fence as our subscribers with every pick.