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Sunday, October 13th, 2019
11 Picks on Sunday:
2 NHL & 9 NFL

Excellent Day on Saturday:
10-4 Overall for +6.05 Units including a 4-0 in NHL
5-4 in College Football for +0.60 Units
& a +145 winner in MLB

NBA Starts in 9 Days
College Basketball Starts in 23 Days

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Daily Free Pick for Sunday 10/13/19:
NFL @ 8:20PM Eastern Time
Pittsburgh Steelers vs LA Chargers

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Sunday, October 13th, 2019
2 NHL & 9 NFL Picks on Sunday

Sunday’s Full Card included Picks for:

10:05PM VGK/LA

1:00PM WAS/MIA – Side
1:00PM WAS/MIA – Total
4:05PM ATL/ARI – Side
4:05PM ATL/ARI – Total

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Yesterday’s Results (10/12/19):
10-4-0 +6.05 Units
NYY +145 vs HOU WIN +1.45
NJ/BOS Under 6.0 WIN +1.00
WAS -105 vs DAL WIN +1.00
ARI/COL Under 6.0 WIN +1.00
CAL/VGK Over 6.0 WIN +1.00
College Football
Texas +10.5 vs Oklahoma WIN +1.00
Old Dominion +15.5 vs Marshall WIN +1.00
NM St/C.Michigan Under 57.0 Loss -1.10
Wash St PK vs Arizona St Loss -1.10
Kent St/Akron Over 57.0 Loss -1.10
Wisconsin -10.0 vs Michigan St WIN +1.00
UConn +34.0 vs Tulane Loss -1.10
Texas Tech/Baylor Over 58.0 WIN +1.00
Penn St -3.5 vs Iowa WIN +1.00

You can access our full archives & performance history at this link:
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2018 Football:
NFL: 85-58-4 (59.44%) +21.25 Units
College: 87-72-4 (54.72%) +7.80 Units

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Real Results from Real Algorithms Since 1/1/17

SPORT W-L-P Win % Units
NFL 170-125-6 57.63% +32.90
College Football 236-210-9 52.91% +5.00
NBA 461-412-9 52.81% +7.80
College Basketball 1,006-849-24 54.23% +72.10
NHL 528-474-17 52.69% +20.30

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Performance Guarantee
All of our Paid Plans Only Expire
if they were Positive Overall

All of our plans only expire if you are positive overall for at least 1.0 unit.
can offer this because we know that our algorithms deliver.
This includes performance on all of our picks.
If you are not positive at the end of your subscription period we will continue to work for free until you are positive.

Winning at Sports Betting is incredibly difficult.

Stop Expecting to Lose & Start Expecting to Win!!

Using Algorithms is the only way to consistently win at Sports Betting

Master Matrix Sports uses complex Algorithms to make our picks. The Algorithms are based on proven systems that generate positive units returns year after year.

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Master Matrix Sports, Inc.

Open & Transparent Archives:
All of our picks are posted publicly Win of Lose.
We do Transparency Posting after each game starts.
Our Publicly available Archives are updated Daily.

Bankroll Management:
Exercise Proper
Bankroll Management
We recommend using either 1% or 2% Units
Bet With Your Head – Not Over It

Half Points Matter:
Make sure you are line shopping for the best numbers.
Line shopping will make a huge impact on your performance

What is a Unit?

1 Unit is the amount of your individual bet size.
It is a percentage of your betting bankroll that you allocate to each individual bet.

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How is Master Matrix Sports Different?

1)We actually bet each pick we release with our own money.  Other picks services would go broke quickly if they bet their own picks.
2)We have actually done the work. Our algorithms have 1000’s of hours of work put into them.  Creating Winning Algorithms is Hard Work.  It takes a lot of time and effort.  Most people would rather just pay for someone else to do the Hard Work for them.  

3)We have Longevity.  Most Bettors and Pick Services cannot survive even 1 Month because beating a 10% Vig is Really Hard.  
4)We do not pick games based on hunches or intuition. Our algorithms either have a pick or they do not. There is no forcing action just to have picks on a key game (ie Monday Night Football)
5)Our results are real. We do not modify our historical archives to inflate performance numbers
6)We release our picks using the Vegas Consensus line at the time of release. By Line Shopping you should consistently be able to get a better # that what we release our picks at.
7)We offer Honesty within a sea of dishonest Scamdicappers.  We are fully transparent. Each of our picks is posted publicly for everyone to see whether it is a winning or losing pick
8)We Win over the Long Term, but we do actually have losing days, losing weeks & losing months.  Nobody can win every day & nobody hits 70% long term….that’s just not possible in the land of reality
9)We do no use Star ratings or ‘Pick of the Months’ or other Nauseating Nonsense. Every pick we issue is for 1 Unit.

You need a Mathematical Advantage to consistently beat a 10% Vig and Win at Sports Betting.

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